What results are expected from using Retinext?

Clinical studies demonstrated the following results:
Improved appearance of Fine lines & Wrinkles
Improved overall appearance of the skin
Protect and Replenshes the Outer layer of the skin.
Increased skin hydration and give youthful skin.
For optimal results, patients must comply with their recommended treatment plan and avoid excessive sun exposure.

How long until visible improvements can be expected?

In some cases, results were seen in as early as 8 weeks with increasingly dramatic improvements at week 8, 12 and beyond. For optimal results, use in twice daily.

How long should patients use Filleron HA?

In clinical studies, optimal results were achieved within 3 months and, in some cases, visible improvements were seen in as early as 2 weeks. Use of Retinext is recommended as long as results are desired.

How long should one (1) 30ml bottle last?

A 30ml bottle should last 4-5 weeks, if used according to package directions, 1 pump daily at night.