Derma Concept brings forth a fusion of Nature and Science, offering a revitalizing experience for your skin in Nepal.

Operating from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Derma Concept proudly partners with Yuderma Laboratories and Renewcell, ensuring authenticity and reliability in our skincare offerings. Our expertise lies in chemical peels, anti-aging remedies, anti-acne solutions, and an array of cutting-edge skincare products. Committed to excellence, we prioritize the efficacy and quality of our products to cater to diverse skin needs.

Led by Mr. Jasu Kings Ley, Derma Concept is driven by a passion for enhancing individual well-being through advanced skincare solutions. We aim to elevate skin vitality and promote a youthful radiance for all our patrons.”

Our Vision

Our vision is simple; to provide skin care solutions to everyone, affordably. Every individual is unique in its way, thus it all boils down to one deciding factor to make us stand out in the crowd; the level of self-confidence. Unquestionably, a perfect skin appearance raises confidence level and allows us to interact better in every aspect of our life. Hence, we are determined to reach out to every one of you and bring out the best of you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Serve Global Healthcare needs through Empathy, Innovation and Technology. We believe that to ensure sustained growth, we need to clearly understand our customer’s needs and use cutting edge technology to present innovative solutions.

Our Philosophy

The core ideology at ‘Yuderma’ is to create a brand where nature and science coexist in harmony. We take pride in putting our heart and soul into developing result oriented remedies for individual symptoms and syndromes. Each product is precisely conceptualized and thoughtfully formulated to address a wide range of skin and hair concerns.As we embark upon this journey, your constant support, feedback and suggestions will guide us in the pursuit of endless possibilities. We sincerely hope that our products help you reveal your true beauty naturally and not conceal it. Feel free to share your thoughts or simply your transformations.

Our Commitment

Recent years mark a new era for us as we successfully achieved new milestones after enduring much challenge. Innovative product launches and wider network has pulled us closer to the heart of consumers, consequently making it easier to obtain our products worldwide. Nevertheless, we are committed in introducing further quality and effective products to provide everyone with a spotless skin complexion.