People connect with brands that deliver just what they promise. ‘Yuderma’ strives to be that brand who tells you how it is and what it can or cannot be,with utmost honesty and objectivity.

We love working on specific problems and empower you with their definite solutions. The pillars of our brand foundation are laid upon the ethics of:


We don’t take the second best or compromise on the research and packaging to reduce cost. We stay true to our core ideology of honesty and effectiveness by offering what we would ourselves use for the same condition. Our goal is to improve the health of your skin and scalp, thereby allowing them to function as they should again.


We use nature inspired bio actives that your skin and hair can absorb and process. Only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used in our products that are clinically proven and tested to give desired results. We source our ingredients from the top suppliers of the world such as Silabs, Seppic, etc.


Our team is aligned with the latest technologies and concepts in the cosmeceutical industry. Our manufacturing partner, is a pioneer in clinical dermatology and cosmeceutical dermatology products with international quality and process accreditation’s.


Never comprising on safety, our team obsessively self-regulates and reviews every single ingredient to make sure it is the safest, most efficacious and synergistic with the entire product line. Each product is dermatologically tested, non-sensitizing and free of parabens.


The sole reason for which ‘Yuderma’ came into existence was to offer – “effective and honest cosmeceutical solutions” that are inspired by nature and proven by science. Effectiveness and honesty are not only limited to the products that we offer, but a way of life at Yuderma®. Beginning from getting our core team on-board, defining our vision and purpose, selection of purest ingredients, formulating problem centric solutions to creating a safe shopping experience, effectiveness and honesty are at the core of our brand philosophy.


Being a wellness brand, we do not promote or promise unrealistic and stereotypical standards of beauty. While cosmetics promote beautifying and covering up your flaws, our clinically researched cosmeceutical products repair and heal the flaws of your skin, scalp and hair with active ingredients. We believe your skin and hair are unique and tender, and should be treated with love of science and nature.